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Captive Love

Therese Kraemer

Beaten and near death , Elise is found by a half breed mountain man who nurses her back to ... More

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Editing with Spangaloo

Editing What needs to Be done
Spelling/ Grammar Full spelling and grammar check
Proof Reading Entire story gets  a final proof reading once you have made the changes
Also available as a seperate service.
Punctuation We follow the rules of  The Chicago Manual of Style for punctuation and sentence structure
Syntax / Tense Mistakes tend to interrupt and confuse your reader. Consistency in tense and person makes a story better. Careful attention is paid to First Person, Second person and Third person to ensure your story complies.
Location We will ensure the spellings are correct for the setting. An example, "gray" in the US and "grey" in the UK.
Fact Checking Nominally fact checking is needed in Non-Fiction where pertinent facts are part of the story containing events, people and places, however, some fiction is spun from real events/people so getting the facts right, improves your story. There is a separate charge for this service.
Character Character consistency
We will ensure each character maintains his or her unique voice throughout your work.
Editing Cost  The cost is very reasonable starting at approx. $1.00 a page (Word documents etc. double spaced) 0.0029 cents a word.
Minimum charge is $25.00 ($5.00 for short stories)
We will give you a price and payment structure if needed, to make it as easy as possible.
How we do it We start by making two passes, making suggestions with Word's Track Changes function. The author then accepts, rejects, or rewrites our suggestions. We make a final pass, again with Track Changes. If we feel a rejected change is important, we explain it both in layman's terms and in grammatical jargon why that change matters. As well, we suggest a different solution. Once the author accepts, rejects, or rewrites our final suggestions, the manuscript should be ready for the proofreader.
What we accept We accept These formats .DOC .DOCX.ODT .WPS
We do not accept
PDF files they do not convert well, and EPUB and MOBI cannot be edited directly.
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