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The Little Picture

Georgia Delorme

The purchase of an old photograph of a child, proved to be more than just an old picture.  ... More

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Publishing with Spangaloo

Here at Spangaloo, we make it easy to publish your Books.

We are a small company, and that makes us easy to deal with, fast response to your inquiries and direct help.

There are many steps to publishing, and we can provide as much help as you need. Whether or not you choose to use us as a distributor our level of service is what makes us shine.

Our preference is that you publish and distribute your book yourself.

We can give you advice on how to do that.

If you choose us to distribute your eBook on our site,  you will earn higher royalties.
When you publish with us,  we take your finished book and format it ,  all as part of the service, at no cost(**) to you.

(editing is a separate issue, but we have low prices for that)
We distribute your EBook to Barnes and Noble, Diesel, Kobo,  Apple , Amazon(Kindle) ScribD, Page Foundry, Oyster and many others as well sell it on our site.
Promoting your book is a difficult task, but we help with that too.
Your cut of the profits are higher because we only take a minor percentage for our services.

Please note: we only accept books that will have a price of 0.99cents USD and higher.
Under certain circumstances, we also accept books that will be distributed free of charge.

We also do Paperback and Hardcover publishing through Createspace and Ingram(*)

*please note that Ingram has over 39000 book stores that it distributes to. Royalty payments for books going to bookstores is low and there is a 60.00USD fee for doing a listing
** as per our current offer for new authors. Subject to change.
Contact us for More info