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Spangaloo Publishing Services


Example Selling here
Ebook Price

$0.38 Transaction fee
$0.45 Our Fee



Rates Other

99cent book

Amazon 0.35
Spangaloo 0.59

based on single item transaction fees

Our Fees

for ebooks


of the selling price

Transaction Fees

When people buy more then one book at a time thru our shopping cart, the transaction fee is split between the number of books


someone buys 3 books

the tranaction fee is 60 cents

the tranacation fee for each book is now 20 cents

More Information on publishing with us

A few Options

We can help a little or  a lot

Self Directed

You can signup and list your book here. You handle all of the distribution to other sites like Barnes and Noble , Amazon , Apple etc
The only requirement is that the book is also for sale on our site.
You can upload a DOC or DOCX file to build your book here. This will auto build the EPUB MOBI and Pdf formats that we require to sell your book.

Please note that until that step is complete your book will not appear on the site nor will any links to other places to buy.

Your Book will be sold through this site as well  as an ebook through Independent land based book stores.

Full Publishing

or we can handle everything for you

We currently distribute to
 Barnes & Noble Kobo Amazon Apple Page Foundry Baker & Taylor Blio txtr Library Direct Baker-Taylor Axis360 OverDrive Flipkart Oyster Scribd Amazon , Google Play and Payhip
Paperbacks CreateSpace and Ingram (39,000 book stores)

WE can design book covers , formatting and everything else that you need
We also provide service for everything in-between the two options
For more informtion on Full Publishing

Contact Us

Why use us?

A very good question, that essentially deals with the state of the industry. Several of the major booksellers have gone out of business or transferred their assets to another company. Sony was in at the very beginning is now closed its e-reader department after many years and transferred all accounts to Kobo. Diesel was around for a long time as well and has since closed due to lack of sales.
Amazon remains the undisputed leader in e-books, for a variety of reasons. They like to lock an author in to at least a 90 day exclusive agreement. Once you set that up is virtually impossible to discontinue it. That means basically, your e-book will only be available through them.
Most do not think they have any other options when it comes to where to sell their e-book. This is far from the truth. Yes, Amazon is very good, but Barnes & Noble also does well and so does Kobo and Apple.
We can distribute through all the above, and we do that as well for some of our authors. Not Everyone comes to the websites that sell your e-book so you should bear in mind, that more is better.
That is why we're here, to provide another avenue to display and sell your books.
We can take care of all of it, or just a small part.

What all of it entails, is that we act as a distributor and send out your books to the major retailers like Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Amazon as well as create a paperback edition.
We can also sell your e-book directly from our site, and that gives you the best royalty payment possible.
When it comes to the major retailers, all are US-based and as a result your income is subject to taxes in the US. Many authors that we know do not reside or are not a citizen of the US and as a result, the major retailers have imposed a 30% tax on all their sales.
We find that to be blatantly unfair. We will not collect any taxes on books we sell through our site.
We now have tax exemption from the US tax so that we can pay higher royalties on books we list to the major retailers.
We have one criteria for payment to our authors. The minimum that we pay out is $10.
If your balance reaches $10 in a given month, we pay that directly to your PayPal account.

We’re also looking into affiliate programs to help sell books. We do extensive advertising to help sell more books on our site.
We promote authors, in every way possible.
Once you’ve set up an account, we encourage you to fill in your bio information because most readers like information about authors.
We give you easy access menu system to add your own books, or we can do it all for you.
For us to process your books into something that can be marketed, all we require is the original doc file, and then we will convert it into EPUB, Mobi and PDF. We can also create a paperback at the same time.

The choice is yours on how much you need us to do.

If you need any more information, please contact us, we are here to help.