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Editing with Spangaloo

A well edited story is what makes the reader come back . It is IMPORTANT!!

Full Editing Services

Depends on what you needs are.
We over low cost , quality editing at affordable prices.
From less than a dollar per page.
Does your story only requires final checks?

Proofreading and minor tweaks.

Do you need a copy editor instead?

Your book or story needs  a lot of work.

Editing includes grammar , spelling as well as suggestions on how to improve various areas of your book

Formatting Services

The proper formatting for an EBook is necessary because it is not done the same as a regular manuscript. It has to be carefully laid out and must include a working table of contents. Any images must appear linier with out word wrapping. Paragraph styles must be consistent with identical formatting.
We do it all at a low price , whether you need it to go out to Kindle or Smashwords or any other distributor.
Prices starting at $25.00

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