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Yes you can Sell Your Books here

PLus We Do EDiting FOrmatting and BOok COvers

Two different ways to sign UP

Self Directed

This is the course we prefer you to take. Distribute your books yourself. It is a lot easier than it seems and we can show you how.

Spangaloo Upload

Upload Your Manuscript

Spangaloo Ebook Catalogue

We include it on Our Site

Spangaloo Sell ebooks

You sell it everywhere else

Spangaloo paymants

We Pay you for what we sell

You can add your book , Upload the cover image and then use the make function to convert your DOC DOCX or ODT file EPUB MOBI and PDF formats
Make sure you add your BIO info TOO
WE add it to our Online catalogue so it can be purchased on our site. As well we are working on deals with independent book stores to have them sell it as well.
Your EBooks can be listed anywhere else you like because we don't require an exclusive agreement
WE make monthly payments to you via PayPal



We Handle Everything

for those who can't do it themselves

  • Start to Finish Service

  • Help with Cover Designs
  • Layout and Conversion to EPUB MOBI PDF
  • We help Market your EBook

WE also provide an author Bio page with a complete list of your books

You can also link your books to other retailers

like Barnes and Noble Kobo Apple and Amazon

Contact us to get Started

More Info Contact Us



From start to finish we have you covered
Publishing made easy
Book Covers
Full range of custom covers for all genres

We specialize in free and low cost publications for our distribution. However we can edit and format your book and help you put it together including marketing to sell on many sites.

Defiant Heart

Therese Kraemer

Tory, an orphan at the age of ten is taken under the wing of a duchess as servant but the Duchess... More
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